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Welcome to the KBOA Web Site! 

We have been serving the Kimberly community since spring of 2008. Our organization is made up of business owners and representatives in the Kimberly and surrounding areas.  We are a Not-For-Profit organization with all membership dues and donations going back to the community for events, beautification, charitable donations and many other community activities.  We ask that you support our organization by becoming a member to represent your business, making a donation or through participation in our activities. 


A Guide To Shopping in Kimberly

Recently, the "Buy Local" concept has made a comeback, and with good reason .
It's not a new concept, simply a concept that has been brought to the forefront once again with the onset of a weak economy and the concerns over large corporations.  So why the push?

For Each $Dollar $Spent:
*  At a Locally Owned Shop, 68 % stays in town
*  At a Big Box Store, 43 % stays in town
*  Online/Out of our community 0 % stays in town

There are many documented economic benefits to buying locally for both the community and those choosing to buy locally.  Each purchase with a small business strengthens the local economy.  Money spent with a local retailer, on average, will be spent again 7 times within the area before leaving.  Studies have shown that locally owned businesses will reinvest in their local economy 60 % more than chains.  They also provide 250% more support for non-profit organizations than large chains.  Another economic benefit of supporting local merchants is more jobs.  Small business accounts for 75% of all new jobs in the country and employ over half of the US Workforce.  Simply put, buying locally means more money stays local, circulates faster and boosts the local economy and job market.

Buying local also has many social benefits.  Wat was once viewed as a "duty" or an "obligation", has emerged as a choice.  An alternative, if you will, to the non-personal service found at many box stores.  More and more people are finding that buying local is about choosing to be a community, boosting our economy, having fun and getting to know your neighbors.  Local businesses take the time to get to know their customers.  They also offer a better understanding of the products and services they provide and can help you make decisions.  Small business owners are more apt to invest in their community's future, wether by sponsoring pee wee leagues, or renovating neighborhoods.  A broad range of locally owned stores is the identity of a community.  Where we shop, the restaurants we have, what we do for fun all add to the 'local flare' that many tourists seek.  Each locally owned business adds to the character of Kimbelry.  They are what makes this community HOME and what draws visitors, and their dollars, to our community.

Support your community and buy local when ever you get the chance.

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